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List of Authors[edit | edit source]

These people contributed a lot to the writing of the Wikibook and have their contributions listed here.

Author: PiemanXC
Email Address: YHaloTharSir@gmail.com
IRC Nick/Server/Channel: Pieman or Godot, irc://irc.scrollrack.com/ScriptX
AIM Screen Name: PiemanXC
MSN/Windows Live Messenger Screen Name: PiemanXC@hotmail.com
Contributions: I am the main author of the wikibook and the main contributor to it.

Special Thanks[edit | edit source]

These people didn't make major edits to the book, but still made valuable contributions to the writing process.

  • Mike.lifeguard was a huge help to me as far as wiki markup, espeially Templates and categories, how to do things, and overall support.
  • Darklama helped me out with my templates.