Lua in SpringRTS/Variables and Constants

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Here follows global constants and variables that can be read at any time in game.

Constants[edit | edit source]

Constant name Type Description Synced Read Unsynced Read
Spring.ALL_UNITS integer Number of all units in the game Yes No
Spring.MY_UNITS integer Number of your units Yes No
Spring.ALLY_UNITS integer Number of your ally units Yes No
Spring.ENEMY_UNITS integer Number of your enemy units Yes No

Variables[edit | edit source]

Variables starting with the "Game" are variables that have to do with the mod. Variables starting with "Spring" are variables that have to do with the engine.

Variable name Type Description Synced Read Unsynced Read
Game.allowTeamColors boolean
Game.armorTypes table
Game.captureEnergyCostFactor number
Game.constructionDecay boolean
Game.constructionDecaySpeed number
Game.constructionDecayTime number
Game.extractorRadius number
Game.fireAtCrashing number
Game.fireAtKilled number
Game.fogColor color
Game.gameID integer
Game.gameSpeed integer
Game.ghostedBuildings boolean
Game.gravity number
Game.groundAmbientColor color
Game.groundSpecularColor color
Game.groundSunColor color
Game.mapChecksum string
Game.mapDamage boolean
Game.mapHumanName string
Game.mapName string
Game.mapSizeX number in worldspace/opengl coords
Game.mapSizeZ number in worldspace/opengl coords
Game.mapX number
Game.mapY number
Game.maxPlayers integer
Game.maxTeams integer
Game.maxUnits integer
Game.modChecksum string
Game.modDesc string
Game.modMutator string
Game.modName string
Game.modShortName string
Game.modVersion string
Game.multiReclaim number
Game.reclaimAllowAllies boolean
Game.reclaimAllowEnemies boolean
Game.reclaimFeatureEnergyCostFactor number
Game.reclaimMethod number
Game.reclaimUnitEfficiency number
Game.reclaimUnitEnergyCostFactor number
Game.reclaimUnitMethod number
Game.repairEnergyCostFactor number
Game.requireSonarUnderWater boolean
Game.resurrectEnergyCostFactor number
Game.springCategories table
Game.squareSize integer
Game.startPosType integer
Game.tidal number
Game.transportAir number
Game.transportGround number
Game.transportHover number
Game.transportShip number
Game.version string Not implemented as of version
Game.waterAbsorb color
Game.waterBaseColor color
Game.waterCausticTextures table
Game.waterDamage number
Game.waterFoamTexture string
Game.waterFresnelMax number
Game.waterFresnelMin number
Game.waterFresnelPower number
Game.waterMinColor color
Game.waterNormalTexture string
Game.waterPlane boolean
Game.waterPlaneColor color
Game.waterRepeatX number
Game.waterRepeatY number
Game.waterSpecularColor color
Game.waterSpecularFactor number
Game.waterSurfaceAlpha number
Game.waterSurfaceColor color
Game.waterTexture string
Game.waterVoid boolean
Game.windMax number
Game.windMin number