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Lower Sorbian

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Cottbus, where most speakers of Lower Sorbian are located.
Cottbus, where most speakers of Lower Sorbian are located.
Lower Sorbian

This is a textbook of Lower Sorbian language, used by about 10,000 speakers from a Sorbian ethnic minority in a German land of Brandenburg. The textbook is basing on a Bogumil Šwjela's book, Grammatik der Niedersorbische Sprache (1952). The spelling is however modernised, consulted with a dictionary Dolnoserbsko-nimski słownik / Niedersorbisch-deutsches Wörterbuch of Manfred Starosta (1999).

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Phonology[edit | edit source]

Morphology[edit | edit source]

  • Declension
  1. Declension of nouns
  2. Declension of adjectives
  3. Gradation of adjectives
  4. Numerals
  5. Pronouns
  • Conjugation
  1. Introduction to the conjugation
  2. Conjugation of the verb to be
  3. Further explanation of conjugatory matters
  4. 1st conjugation
  5. 2nd conjugation
  6. 3rd conjugation
  7. Irregular verbs
  8. Passive voice
  • Uninflected parts of speech
  1. Prepositions
  2. Adverbs