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Louisiana French

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04. Time05. Introduction to Verbs06. Verbs and Tenses07. Goodbyes

Telling time is important in any language. This chapter will focus on the days of the week, the months in a year, and expressions involving time.

Basic Vocabulary[edit]

French English
Aujourd'hui today
Hier Yesterday
Demain Tomorrow
Le matin Morning
Le midi Noon
La nuit Night
Le soir Evening
L'après-midi Afternoon
La semaine Week
Le mois Month
L'année (feminine) Year
Asteur Now (right now)
Un élan A while
T'à l'heure A while ago

Days in the Week[edit]

Les Jours de la Semaine
French English
dimanche Sunday
lundi Monday
mardi Tuesday
mercredi Wednesday
jeudi Thursday
vendredi Friday
samedi Saturday

Note that the days of the week are not capitalized in French. Also, all days are masculine (le, un). Sometimes expressions involving the days are translated similarly as in English.

Expressions Involving the Days of the Week (Like English)
French English
tout la journée mardi all day Tuesday
tous les dimanche all Sunday / every Sunday

However, some are not as easily translated.

Expressions Involving the Days of the Week (Unlike English)
French English
lundi passé last Monday
mardi en huit next Tuesday
vendredi en quinze two weeks from Friday
De bonne heure samedi matin early Saturday morning

When saying an event occurs or has occured on a certain, be sure to put le in front of it.

Event Occuring on a Day
French English
Le lundi, j'aime aller à la pêche. On Mondays, I like to go fishing.
Le dimanche, on va à l'église. On Sundays, we go to church.
Le mardi, j'ai vendu mon char. On Tuesday, I sold my car.

Months in a year[edit]

Les mois de l'année
French English
janvier January
février February
mars March
avril April
mai May
juin June
juillet July
août August
septembre September
octobre October
novembre November
décembre December

Also, note that the months of the year are masculine.


Les saisons de l'année
French English
Le printemps Spring
L'été Summer
L'automne Autumn/Fall
L'hiver Winter

Again, note that the seasons are masculine. When we talk about events occuring during a month, it is a little different than days of the week.

Event Occuring on a Day
French English
En été, l'équipe pratique beaucoup. During Summer, the team practices a lot.
Au printemps, ma mère passe du temps dans le jardin. In the Summer, my mother spends her time in the garden.
En hiver, on aime voyager. In winter, we like to travel.
En automne, les enfants commence l'école. In Fall, the children start school.

See that Summer (printemps) is different from the rest of the seasons. It will use au instead of en.

Louisiana French

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