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Attitudinals express emotion, and generally consist of two vowels. Some examples:

Top Caption
Attitudinal Feeling
.a'o hope
.au desire
.a'u interest
.ie agreement
.i'e approval
.ii fear
.iu love
.oi complaint
.ua discovery
.ue surprise
.u'e wonder
.ui happiness
.u'i amusement
.u'u repentance
.uu sympathy

Add -nai to negate


  • .iunai hate
  • .ua.ue surprise at a discovery
  • .a'u.ua interest in a discovery
  • .iinai non-fear

Practice[edit | edit source]

What attitudinal would you use if...

  1. ...you see a scary monster
  2. ...you spill soda on a best friend's dress at a dance
  3. ...you buy a lottery ticket
  4. ...you win the lottery
  5. ...your best friend gets three cookies at snack time and you only get one
  6. ...you travel to Mars and meet little green men
  7. ...you are unhappily in love

Answers[edit | edit source]

  1. .ii (or for brave people .iinai)
  2. .u'u
  3. .a'o or .au
  4. .ui
  5. .oa
  6. .u'e.ua.ue
  7. .iu.uinai