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N       north                 berti               B       0°00'
NbE     north by east         bersunberberti      BDBB    11°15'
NNE     north northeast       bersunberti         BDB     22°30'
NEbN    northeast by north    bersunberstuna      BDBD    33°45'
NE      northeast             berstuna            BD      45°00'
NEbE    northeast by east     bersunsunberti      BDDB    56°15'
ENE     east northeast        bersunstuna         BDD     67°30'
EbN     east by north         bersunsunstuna      BDDD    78°45'
E       east                  stuna               D       90°00'
EbS     east by south         nansunsunstuna      NDDD    101°15'
ESE     east southeast        nansunstuna         NDD     112°30'
SEbE    southeast by east     nansunsunsnanu      NDDN    123°45'
SE      southeast             nanstuna            ND      135°00'
SEbS    southeast by south    nansunynanstuna     NDND    146°15'
SSE     south southeast       nansunsnanu         NDN     157°30'
SbE     south by east         nansunynansnanu     NDNN    168°45'
S       south                 snanu               N       180°00'
SbW     south by west         nansicnansnanu      NVNN    191°15'
SSW     south southwest       nansicysnanu        NVN     202°30'
SWbS    southwest by south    nansicnanstici      NVNV    213°45'
SW      southwest             nanstici            NV      225°00'
SWbW    southwest by west     nansicysicysnanu    NVVN    236°15'
WSW     west southwest        nansicystici        NVV     247°30'
WbS     west by south         nansicysicystici    NVVV    258°45'
W       west                  stici               V       270°00'
WbN     west by north         bersicysicystici    BVVV    281°15'
WNW     west northwest        bersicystici        BVV     292°30'
NWbW    northwest by west     bersicysicyberti    BVVB    303°45'
NW      northwest             berstici            BV      315°00'
NWbN    northwest by north    bersicyberstici     BVBV    326°15'
NNW     north northwest       bersicyberti        BVB     337°30'
NbW     north by west         bersicyberberti     BVBB    348°45'