Loglan/The Power of Little Words/Logical Operators and Connections/Whether or not operator

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The Whether or Not Operator[edit | edit source]

u[edit | edit source]

The little word u means x whether or not y and links together predicates.

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • mi godzi u brecea - I go, whether or not I am ready
  • da bakso u redro - it is a box, whether or not it is red
  • ti bukcu u ponsu ti - it is a book, whether or not I own it

cu, ku and icu[edit | edit source]

We can use the little word cu to link together arguments and so does ku. However, ku works as a forethought operator and works with ki. The little word icu links sentences.

Examples[edit | edit source]


  • mi godzi le hasfa cu vemsia - I go to the house, whether or not I go to the shop
  • le katmu cu kangu gu fundi le ficlu - The cat, whether or not the dog, likes the fish


  • mi godzi le ku hasfa ki vemsia - I go to the house, whether or not I go to the shop
  • tu fleti la Romas cu Pari's - you fly to Rome, whether or not you fly to Paris


  • tu vrelaa icu mi vrecoa - you are tall, whether or not I am short