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The AND Operator[edit]

The AND operator links together a group of items so that for the whole group to have the value true all the items have to have the value true. If one or more items have the value false then the whole group has the value false.


The little word e links together predicates.


  • la djan gu herkeu e larmao - John is a hairdresser and an artist
  • da tcaro e plebekti - that is a car and a toy

ce, ke and enoi[edit]

The other AND operators in Loglan follow on from e.

The little word ce joins together arguments and so does ke but we use ke in a forethought way and it works together with ki. We can use the little word enoi to mean ... but not ....



  • da lemi hasfa ce livhao - this is my house and home
  • le tetri gu cetlo ce briflo - the weather is wet and windy
  • tu ponsu le grobou ce botsu - you own the ship and the boat


  • da lemi ke hasfa ki livhao - this is my house and home
  • mi clika lemi ke matma ki farfu - I am like my mother and father


  • mi madzo le hasfa enoi le livhao - I make a house but not a home