Listen and Learn Science/Guide for Visually Impaired Students

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Listen and Learn Science

  • This is a Science book, designed for Visually impaired students.
  • It Strives to make Science interesting, and related to day to day life.
  • It is meant to be heard, with a screen reader.
  • You can use the screen reader, native to your computer's OS.
  • You can use NVDA , as a screen reader, if you wish.
  • These modules do not have any diagrams, or visuals.
  • It will not have notations, which are not comfortable for screen readers, example subscripts, and superscripts.
  • Equations will be explicit. Example: Division will be stated as 'divided by'.
  • Punctuation and some spellings are tweaked to enhance the audio experience.
  • Sighted students and editors, may kindly be sensitive, to this.
  • Completed modules are provided with links.
  • 75% of listed pages are ready, and will be updated shortly.
  • Other listed modules will be regularly added.
  • The scope of the project, will also be continuously expanded.