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Lineage 2, like any other game, generate its own jargon in game. This page attempts to defines common jargon used in-game for the benefit of those unfamiliar with the terms.

This page will concentrate more on the specialized terms found in Lineage 2; for generic MMORPG terms, please consult the MMORPG wikipedia page. Template:CompactTOC2

A[edit | edit source]

  • Adena: The modern unit of currency in Lineage 2. It functions as gold or credit in game, although barter trade is encouraged. There are some other forms of currency, but by and large adena is the common coin used.

  • Ancient Adena: An ancient unit of currency in Lineage 2. It is the form of currency used in the Seven Signs competition. You can use Ancient Adena to purchase items from the Merchant of Mammon or Blacksmith of Mammon. You can also sell it to other players, typically at a 1:2 (1 AA to 2 Adena) or higher ratio. Or you can even trade it at a 1:1 to normal Adena at Merchant of Mammon.

  • AFK: Short for Away From Keyboard, meaning the player has gone away from the computer while the PC is still logged on.

  • AF: Short for Auto Follow, meaning the player is following a targetted player automatically.

  • Agro. Popular abreviation for agressive. Agro mob means a monster willing to attack anyone stepping into his agro range. There is also social agro - mobs tend to "help" others in fights with PC.

  • AL: Short for Antharas' Lair. A 60+ dungeon located to the Northeast of Giran Castle Town. To reach Antharas' Lair on foot, you must travel through Dragon Valley. Typically people use the Giran Castle Town teleporter to go directly to the entrance.

  • AoE: Short for Area of Effect. This is a spell or skill that can hit a number of monsters at the same time instead of fighting them individually.

B[edit | edit source]

  • Bots: Bots are computer programs that interfaces with Lineage 2 and allows the user to get his/ her PC to execute mundane tasks without his/ her physical presence; in essence, the user turn the PC into a robot or 'Bot, who will only (typically) hunt mobs endlessly to gain XP, SP and adena. Many Professional Farmers make use of Bots to increase productivity (and to irritate legit users even more). Botting programs are strictly against the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), and is a bannable offense on the official servers.

  • BS: Short for Blazing Swamp. A 70+ leveling area north of Aden Castle/Town.

  • BSpS: Short for Blessed SpiritShots.

  • Buffer: Refers to magic-users who use spells/ skills to improve party's/ other PC's ability. There are two specialists, the Prophet and the Warcryer, as well as part buffers, the Elven Elder and the Shillien Elder, as well as warriors with some groupbuffs, the Swordsinger and the Bladedancer. The special case Overlord can buff whole alliances. Buffers are welcomed to any party because they make everyone a lot more effective.

  • BH: Bounty Hunter, the Dwarven spoiler class.

  • BSoe: Short for a Blessed Scroll of Escape, like a Scroll of Escape but much faster.

  • BRez: Short for a Blessed Scroll of Ressurection, a Scroll that Ressurects a player and restores all lost XP from the death.

C[edit | edit source]

  • Cats: Short for Catacombs. Catacombs are an important part of the Seven Signs competition. These dungeons are the only locations one can earn Seal Stones, which can then be turned in for Ancient Adena.

  • CP: Short for Combat Points. This is a new feature introduced in Chronicle 3 expressedly for PvP purposes only. CP increases your defence ability, as this is used up in PvP before your HP (health points) is used. This is not used in PvE.

D[edit | edit source]

  • DC: Short for Devastated Castle. A 60-70 area to the Northeast of Aden Castle/Town.

  • dc: Short for disconnect(ed). "I was dc" = "I lost connection". Sometimes seen as d/c.

  • DD: Short for Damage Dealer. This refers to any melee combat-oriented class that is capable of dealing a lot of damage.

  • De-level: Lineage 2 has a rather complicated system in which each PC is awarded XP, SP and drops based on the PC's level vs. the mob's level. At a certain point, a PC will simply out-level a mob so badly that the XP, SP and drops become inefficient for the PC, and the PC will have to move on to other areas to get better rewards.

    In certain cases, especially when a PC is hunting a particular mob for its drops, the PC doesn't want to move on to other areas because the situation has evolved to a point where the PC can be extremely effective. Thus, the PC now has a desire to stop leveling up. As PC deaths have a XP penalty involved, the simplest way to stop leveling up is to commit suicide many many times and maintain the PC at a certain experience level.

    This leads to some very strange behaviours, particularly in towns, where PCs will attack town guards in an attempt to get the guards to kill them. Other PCs will sit in water to drown, or get a friend to kill them. The act of getting rid of XP through PC death is known as De-leveling, regardless of how the PC actually dies. De-leveling has some negative connotations as it is a favourite tactic of Professional Farmers to stay efficient in an area.

  • DoT: Short for Damage Over Time. This refers to attacks that spread their damange out over extended amounts of time, such as Poison spell.

  • DP: Short for Death Pass.

  • Drops: When a mob dies because a PC killed it, there is a set percentage chance that some equipment or adena will drop out of the corpse for the PC to pick up as a reward. Due to the animation in Lineage 2, the items/ adena literally drops out of the mob as it dies, hence the name.

  • Dual SLS: Dual Samurai Longsword, the top b-grade dual sword.

  • DVC: Dragon Valley Cavern is the dungeon in Dragon Valley, by Death Pass.

E[edit | edit source]

  • EE: Short for Elven Elder.

  • EF: Short for Elven Fortress, a dungeon near the Elven Village. A level 10-20 area.

  • EG: Short for Execution Grounds, a location east of Dion. A level 25-35 area.

  • ER: Short for Elven Ruins, a dungeon on Talking Island. A level 10-20 area.

  • EV: Enchanted Valley, north of Hunters Village, is an area for Levels 40-55.

  • Exp: Experience Points, see XP.

F[edit | edit source]

  • Farmers: See Professional Farmers.

  • FG: Short for Forbidden Gateway. A 65-70 area to the East of Aden Castle/Town.

G[edit | edit source]

  • GC: Short for Giant's Cave. A 55-65 dungeon located to the Southeast of Aden Castle/Town.

  • Gk: Short for Gatekeeper. A NPC found in every village and has the ability to teleport(transfer) PC's from village to village to village or from town to town. As an exchange they take a certain amount of adena out of your inventory.

  • GoE: Short for Garden of Eva. A 40-50 dungeon located at the very southern regions of Aden, with the only way in the dungeon being a refreshing swim.

H[edit | edit source]

  • Healer: Refers to magic users whose specialization is in the restoration and resurrection of other PCs. The three main healer classes in Lineage 2 are Bishop, Elven Elder and Shillien Elder. The later two also have decent buffs, and they can recharge Mana, especially on wizards. Elven Elder can resurrect with high xp restoration, while Shillien Elder have the Greater Group Heal. The specialist healer Bishop has all these and also the uber healing spells Greater Battle Heal and Restore Life as well as Mass Resurrection. Typically healers are welcomed in any parties due to their ability to keep the party alive and going.

  • HP: Short for Hit Points (sometimes also Health Points). A basic component of most RPG, this indicates the ability of the PC to take damage from both mundane and magical attacks in Lineage 2. If this falls to zero, the PC is dead.

  • HV: Hunters Village.

I[edit | edit source]

  • IT: Stands for Ivory Tower or Imperial Tomb (Post-C4).

J[edit | edit source]

K[edit | edit source]

  • Karma: Lineage 2 is a PvP game; this means PCs can kill each other. This of course encompasses a variety of ways to actually achieving the state of death for the other party: honourable duels, cowardly ambushes, random PK are the norm.

    Lineage 2 keeps track of how many "defenseless" PCs you have killed, i.e. how many PCs did not defend themselves (either being AFK, or too low level/ not interested in fighting and thus running away) when you killed them. Each such kill will increase a counter called Karma.

    A positive Karma will turn the PC name red, marking him as a PKer. Killing Reds incur no Karma, hence this can be seen as "open season" on the red. Karma can be worked off by either killing mobs of equivalent levels to you, or by getting killed; each mob killed/ PC death will remove a certain amount of Karma from the total.

  • Kite: This is the act of hitting, then running a short distance, and repeating. Used with ranged attacks to minimize the damage that someone (PC or monster) is dealing to you. Can be used as a noun ("kite") or a verb ("kiting").

  • KOS: Short for Kill On See/ Kill On Sight. This typically referring to a list that a group or clan (or even a single person) maintains. PCs that scammed or PK'ed or otherwise aggravated the group/ clan will be added to a list which the clan maintains on its own. As the name KOS implies, any PC who is on the list is to be killed on sight by members of the group/ clan -- even those not affected by the original offense.

    KOS lists have debatable effects; it can be viewed as bullying when strong clans enforce their KOS rights, or as protection for clan members. For non-aligned PC, getting onto a clan's KOS list is generally not a very good idea as the clan can typically bring a lot more resources to bear in pursuing the vendetta -- if they decide to pursue what may be a very trivial offense.

    However, high-level PCs who are very good in PvP or who have the backing of other large clans may not be too overly bothered by being on the KOS list of another clan. To them, it's (probably) business as normal.

  • KS: Kill Steal. The act of attacking a Mob another PC is attacking without invitation, with the intention to cause the game to assign XP and SP to the KSer. In addition, in Lineage 2, PCs which gets in the final blow on a mob gets priority in grabbing drops, and KS'ing effectively allows the KSer to grab the loot first. A major source of contention, especially in crowded areas. With Chronicle 3 the PC dealing the most damage will get priority to pick up loot. Same counts for all PCs in its party. But this behavior does not apply to most Quests.

L[edit | edit source]

  • LFG: Looking For Group. Same as LFP.

  • LFP: Looking For Party. Same as LFG.

  • LFC: Looking For Clan.

M[edit | edit source]

  • MAtk: Short for Magical Attack. A player and weapon statistic which indicates how much magical damage the player/ item will cause through spells before modifications by magical defenses.

  • MDef: Short for Magical Defense. A player and item statistic which indicates how much magical defenses the player/ item has. High MDef will reduce the amount of damage from magical spells as well as increase the chance to resist bad effects (Dryad Root etc)

  • Mob: Refers to computer-controlled NPC/ monsters that PCs typically try to kill as an everyday chore, in exchange for XP, SP and drops.

  • Mob Train: Refer to the situation when a PC is running away (either to escape or just plain ignoring) from a group of mobs that is following him/ her. The mobs tend to be strung out in a line like carriages behind a railway engine (the PC), hence the name Mob Train. This can also be used as a verb to describe a deliberate attempt by a PC to pull the mobs after him/ her.

  • MP: Mana Points that are used to power magical spells and skills in Lineage 2. If you have no MP left, you cannot cast spells/ skills and any ongoing spells/ skills that need to consume MP to continue functioning will cease. No other disadvantages are associated with zero MP.

N[edit | edit source]

  • NPC: Non-Player Characters. These are computer-controlled characters that normally falls into two groups: Mobs, which are your everyday monsters out to kill you, and NPCs, which typically are store owners who sell PCs equipment/ stuff or give PCs quests to do.

  • NG: Short for Non Grade. This refers to the item grade band of the lowest quality -- starting equipment essentially.

  • Nuker: Refers to magic-users who deal direct damage via spells, that is: Sorcerers, Spellsingers and Spellhowlers (and partly also Necromancers). Sometimes also used as a catch-all for classes that can cause massive damage, including melee damage dealers.

  • Necropolises: A Necropolis, is much like the Catacombs in the game, it too is part of the Seven Seals competition and is a place where you can collect seal stones. During Seal validation period the Trader of Mammon travels to the Necros and sells items for Ancient Adena

O[edit | edit source]

  • One-Shot: When PCs gets sufficiently high level and has the right equipment, it is possible for these PCs to kill off a mob or even another PC with one attack (particularly if the attack is a critical hit). This is known as One-shotting. In PvP this typically is a sign that the opponents are badly matched and one side has no practical chance of winning.

  • oom: out of MP, indicates that the PC is unable to use special skills or magic spells. Most important for a party to know when their healer or nuker ist oom.

P[edit | edit source]

  • PAtk: Short for Physical Attack. A player and weapon statistic which indicates how much physical damage the player/ item will cause before modifications by physical defenses.

  • PC: Player Character. This is the character that users chooses to be, and is in every sense the user's avatar in game.

  • PDef: Short for Physical Defense. A player and item statistic which indicates how much physical defenses the player/ item has. High PDef will reduce the amount of damage from physical attacks.

  • PK: Player Killer. This is a PC that goes around killing off other PCs deliberately, sometimes without provocation. Can be used as a verb form in game, (rudely) indicating a desire to duel another (or simply any other) PC.

  • Professional Farmers: AKA Pro-Farmers or just Farmers. These are PCs which are created for the expressed purpose of gathering adena and equipment for sale to other PCs using real world currency. These Professional Farmers have no interest in the game per se, and is in it only to make real world money.

    In the early days of Lineage 2, large numbers of these Professional Farmers are from PRC, who use the real world money to supplement their income. As there are language and cultural barriers as well as pressure from their bosses to achieve quotas, many of these PRC Farmers were rude and sought to control large tracts of hunting ground, leading to much friction and unhappiness on the servers. This has persisted to a certain degree as prejudice against Chinese players (regardless of nationality), though Pro-farming is not restricted to only PRC players -- they're just more blatant about it.

  • Pulling. Provoking agresive mob by steping deliberatelly into his agro range, and than drawing it to safe spot to prevent assistance of any mobs which are social agro or just agro.

  • PvE: Player vs. Environment. This refers to combat against NPCs and/ or Mobs.

  • PvP: Player vs. Player. This refers to combat between PCs. This can be with or without consent from the opposing PC; PvP refers to the combat interactions, and does not indicate positive or negative connotations on the event.

  • PvM: Player vs. Many. This refers to combat between one PC and a group of PCs. This can be with or without consent from the opposing PC; PvM refers to the combat interactions, and does not indicate positive or negative connotations on the event.

Q[edit | edit source]

"Q" : Ussually refers to Quest,a task that a PC has to accomplish in order to gain/change occupation or take items or signs as a reward. Quests are assigned from NPC'S and can be taken from low level(5+) PC to highest level PC(45++).

R[edit | edit source]

  • Red: In Lineage 2, players who PK someone who did not attack back will have their names changed from white to red, as a sign to others that this character has PK'ed someone. Red has become equivalent to PK in Lineage 2; Shouts of "Red" will inevitably attract a number of PCs looking to kill the "Red".
  • res: Resurect. Shorcut used by some PCs referring to the resurection process or scrool

S[edit | edit source]

  • SE: Short for Shillien Elder, a Dark Elven Healer/Buffer class.

  • SH: Short for Spell Howler, a Dark Elven Nuker class.

  • SK: Short for Shillien Knight, a Dark Elven Tank class.

  • SLS: Short for Samurai Longsword, the top c-grade sword and as a pair the basis for the Dual SLS, the top b-grade dual sword.

  • SODA: Short for School of Dark Arts, a dungeon near the Dark Elves Village.

  • SoE: Short for Scroll of Escape.

  • SP: Skill Points. SPs are used to purchase skills or Clan increments. SPs are gained by killing Mobs.

  • SpS: Short for Spirit Shot. Can also mean Spell Singer, an Elven nuker class.

  • SS: Short for Soul Shot. Can also refer to Soul Separator, the top a-grade dagger.

  • SwS: Short for Sword Singer, an Elven Buffer/DD class.

T[edit | edit source]

  • Tank: Refers to defensive melee classes that specializes in protective tactics. Typically, Paladins, Dark Avengers, Temple Knights and Shillien Knights are seen as tanks. Sometimes also Destroyers and Swordsingers are called tanks, even if they lack important features of the "real" tank classes like the hate ability, specialization into shields, and growing armor class for falling hitpoints.

  • TK: Short for Temple Knight, an Elven Tank class.

  • TOI: Short for Tower of Insolence. A level 60-75 dungeon located to the W of Aden Castle/Town, having many floors and featuring one of the main boss monsters of the game, Baium.

U[edit | edit source]

  • UD - Ultimate Defense : A Tank skill that increases the P.Def significantly. It enables the Tank to survive longer and to save the party if the healer is out of MP or the party took to much mobs agro. The tank is immobile while using this skill.

  • UE - Ultimate Evasion : An Archer skill that increases the Evasion of the PC making hin almost impossible to hit.

V[edit | edit source]

W[edit | edit source]

  • WTB: Short for Want to Buy Items.

  • WTS: Short for Want to Sell Items.

  • WTT: Short for Want to Trade Items.

  • WTC: Short for Want to Craft Items.

X[edit | edit source]

  • XP: eXperience Points. An abstract measurement of the maturity of a PC. XP is earned by killing mobs or, in some cases, completing quests. XP accumulates and allows PCs to gain levels, upon which PC statistics are improved and new skills become available.

Y[edit | edit source]

Z[edit | edit source]