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The Libreboot Logo.

Libreboot is a coreboot distribution (distro) with proprietary software removed, intended to be a free (libre) 'BIOS' replacement for your computer. The project is aimed at users, attempting to make coreboot as easy to use as possible. Learn more about libreboot.

'Free' in this sense refers to freedom (liberty); read the full Free Software definition.

This is an unofficial wiki, documenting libreboot. The aim is to help people install libreboot on their computers. Information about libreboot can be found on the libreboot project homepage.

Stable releases[edit | edit source]

Installation instructions:

Bleeding edge[edit | edit source]

Here is how you build libreboot from git in Trisquel 7 (x86_64 highly recommended):

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd libreboot/
sudo ./resources/scripts/dependencies/trisquel7dependencies
./download all
./build module all
./build roms withgrub

ROM images will be under bin/

That's all. Optional (after completing the steps above):

./build release archives

Archives will be under release/

Building on x86_64: The libreboot_util.tar.xz archive won't contain static ARM or i686 binaries for bucts/flashrom. release/tobuild.tar.xz contains the sources for you to build on these systems.

Building on i686: The libreboot_util.tar.xz archive will not contain x86_64 binaries for any of the utilities, and will not contain static ARM binaries for flashrom. release/tobuild.tar.xz contains the sources for you to build on these systems.

Libreboot will support cross compiling these utilities later.

The libreboot project also provides snapshots (regularly updated) built from the steps above. These can be found linked to on the libreboot project homepage.

Instructions above are based on

Installation instructions can be found at