Libreboot/Download Binaries

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Download Libreboot[edit]

  1. Download the latest Libreboot Binaries.
  2. Open a Terminal and navigate to the Downloads folder (or wherever else)
  3. Extract the Libreboot folder:
    tar -xvf libreboot_bin.tar.gz 
  4. Navigate to the libreboot_bin folder:
    cd libreboot_bin 

Install and Make Dependencies[edit]

The flashrom and bucts programs require a few dependencies. Install them automatically with the Libreboot builddeb scripts.

  • For DEB-based distros (Trisquel, Ubuntu, Debian, etc):
  • sudo ./deps-trisquel
  • For Arch-based distros (Parabola, Arch Linux, etc):
  • sudo ./deps-parabola
  • Other Linux distros will need to find the corresponding dependencies on their own.

Next, we actually have to build flashrom and bucts from source code. The Libreboot developers have made a nice build script that does this automatically:

sudo ./builddeps-flashrom
sudo ./builddeps-bucts