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The Alice books were far from the only works published under the name of "Lewis Carroll". In 1868, he published a short story, Bruno's Revenge, in Aunt Judy's Magazine; this was later to grow into Sylvie and bruno. An important book, Phantasmagoria and Other Poems, appeared in 1869. Phantasmagoria, a poem about a man and the ghost who comes to haunt him, is his second-longest poem after The Hunting of the Snark.

In 1869, CLD sent the first chapter of "Through the Looking-Glass" to his publisher MacMillan. He had difficulty persuading Tenniel to illustrate it, but eventually Tenniel agreed. It appeared in late 1871, though it had 1872 on the title page. It had 50 illustrations, compared with the 42 of Wonderland.

CLD took a major role in controversies at his university. He wrote two satires criticising the building works at Christ Church, The New Belfry of Christ Church (Oxford) in 1872 and The Vision of the Three Ts in 1873. He used the pseudonym DCL, a re-arrangement of his initials, but people in Oxford knew that he was the author. These and other works were collected in 1874 as Notes by an Oxford Chiel.

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