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Edward III
John of Gaunt

Lewis Carroll was a descendant of King Edward III of England. This descent has long been well known to the Dodgson family, but has been independently "discovered" by others. The line is as follows:

  • Edward III, 1312-1377
  • John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 1340-1398
  • Joan de Beaufort, 1375-1440
  • Eleanor Neville, Countess of Northumberland, 1407-1472
  • Ralph Percy, 1425-1464
  • Margaret Percy, 1462-1506
  • Guiscard Harbottle, 1485-1513
  • Mary Harbottle, 1507-1556
  • Edward Fitton, 1527-1579
  • Edward Fitton, 1550-1606
  • Anne Fitton, 1574-?
  • Anne Newdigate, 1608-1637
  • John Skeffington, 1629?-1695
    • 4th Baronet; 2nd Viscount Massereene in succession to his father-in-law
  • Mary Skeffington, 1655-1732
    • Married Sir Charles Hoghton, Bt.
  • Lucy Hoghton, 1694-1780
  • Henry Lutwidge, 1724-1798
  • Charles Lutwidge, 1768-1848
  • Frances Lutwidge, 1803-1851
  • Lewis Carroll

Skeffington[edit | edit source]

The Skeffington ancestry explains the unusual name of his uncle, Skeffington Lutwidge, which passed to his brother, Skeffington Dodgson.

Hoghton[edit | edit source]

Sir Charles Hoghton was descended from Sir Richard Hoghton, 1st baronet. It was at Sir Richard's table that King James I allegedly knighted a loin of beef, making it a sirloin. Sir Richard was descended from Lucia, sister of the Earls Edwin and Morcar at the time of the Norman Conquest, who married Yvo de Talbois, Count of Anjou.

In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Mouse claims that the driest thing he knows is a passage about the Earls Edwin and Morcar. Roger Lancelyn Green claimed that Lewis Carroll could not have known about his relationship to these earls, or he would not have made fun of this passage. This could underestimate Lewis Carroll's sense of humour.

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