Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy/Acknowledgements

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 Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy 

PrefaceIntroductionThe Rule of Law and the InternetJurisdiction and Conflicts of LawLegal Recognition of Electronic Documents and Electronic SignaturesIdeas, Trade Secrets, and Intellectual PropertyDomain Name DisputesConsumer Privacy and ProtectionCybercrimesCensorship or Content RegulationFurther ReadingNotesAcknowledgementsAuthors

Acknowledgement of the Author[edit]

I wish to acknowledge the following: Kimi, for her love, patience, and friendship; Senator Juan M. Flavier, my boss, for the encouragement, and for generously granting me time to write this; Romy and Lydia Quimbo, for encouraging me to go back to school; Emmanuel Lallana and Jaime Faustino, for introducing me to e-commerce policy study; Ramon J. Navarra Jr. and Renato N. Bantug Jr., able co-researchers and dearestfriends;Greta, whose tail always wags when I arrive home;Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, for patiently reviewing the draft; and Borro, Bheng, Rommel, Pids, Angie, Percy, Celia, Jean, Winnie, Rene, Didith, Philip,Cynthia, Bong, Perry, and Bats, and Katch, Shelah, Patricia, co-workers and friends.