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Family relation names in Assamese are very specific to the speaker. For example, your father's brother and your mother's brother are not both just "uncle"; you would differentiate and address them using specific terms to indicate the precise relationship. These terms can vary a bit from place to place. The following are some standard examples.

The polite word "Deu" is often added as a suffix to names of elder relations to denote respect. The terms are also written in Assamese Script.

Immediate Family[edit]

  • Father — Deuta (দেউতা) or Pitai (পিতাই) or Baba (বাবা) or Bupaai (বোপাই) or Pita (পিতা) or Pitri (পিতৃ)
  • Mother — Maa (মা) or Aai (আই) or Maatri (মাতৃ)
  • Elder Brother — Kokai (ককাই) or Dada (দাদা)
  • Younger Brother — Bhaiti (ভাইটি)
  • Elder Sister — Baideu (বাইদেউ) or Baa (বা)
  • Younger Sister — Bhonti (ভণ্টী) or Bhoni (ভনী)
  • Husband — Poti (পতি) or Giriyek (গিৰিয়েক) or Swami (স্বামী)
  • Wife - Potni (পত্নী) or Ghoiniyek (ঘৈণীয়েক) or Ghoini (ঘৈণী) or Stree (স্ত্ৰী)
  • Step Mother — Maahi Maa (মাহী মা) or Maahi Aai (মাহী আই)

Children and Grandchildren[edit]

  • Son — Putra (পুত্ৰ) or Lora (ল’ৰা)
  • Son's wife (daughter-in-law) — Buwari (বোৱাৰী)
  • Daughter — Jii (জী) or Jiyek (জীয়েক) or Sowali (ছোৱালী) (কন্যা) or Putri (পুত্ৰী)
  • Daughter's husband (son-in-law) — Juwaai (জোঁৱাই)
  • Adopted daughter - Tuloniya Suwali (তোলনীয়া ছোৱালী)
  • Adopted Son - Tuloniya Lora (তোলনীয়া ল'ৰা)
  • Grandson — Naati (নাতি)
  • Granddaughter — Natini (নাতিনী)
  • Great Grandson — AjuNaati (আজো নাতি)
  • Great Granddaughter — AjuNatini (আজো নাতিনী)


  • Father's Father — Kokadeuta (ককাদেউতা) or Koka (ককা) or Aata (আতা)
  • Father's Mother — Aaita (আইতা) or Aabu (আবু)
  • Mother's Father — Puthadeuta (পুথাদেউতা) or Puthadouti (পুথাদ’তি) or Doti (দ’তি)
  • Mother's Mother — Enaaideu (এনাইদেউ)
  • Great Grandfather — Aajukoka (আজো ককা) or Aajuputha (আজো পুথা)
  • Great Grandmother — Aaju-aaita (আজো আইতা) or Aaju-Enaaideu (আজো এনাই)

Paternal relations[edit]

  • Father's Elder Brother — Bordeuta (বৰদেউতা) or Borta (বৰ্ত্তা)
  • Father's Elder Brother's Wife — Bormaa (বৰমা)
  • Father's Younger Brother — Khura (খুড়া) or Dodaaideu (দদাইদেউ) or Daaiti (দাইতি)
  • Father's Younger Brother's Wife — Khuri (খুড়ী)
  • Father's Elder Sister — Jethai (জেঠাই) or Apadeo
  • Father's Elder Sister's husband — Jethu (জেঠু) or Nisadeo
  • Father's Younger Sister — Pehi (পেহী)
  • Father's Younger Sister's husband — Peha (পেহা)

Maternal relations[edit]

  • Mother's Elder Brother — Nisadeu (নিচাদেউ) or Mama (মামা)
  • Mother's Elder Brother's Wife — Aapadeu or Aapa or Maami (মামী)
  • Mother's Younger Brother — Mama (মামা) or Mumaaideu (মোমাইদেউ)
  • Mother's Younger Brother's Wife — Maami (মামী)
  • Mother's Elder Sister — Jethai (জেঠাই) or Aapadeu (আপাদেউ)
  • Mother's Elder Sister's husband — Jethu (জেঠু) or Nisadeu (নিচাদেউ)
  • Mother's Younger Sister — Maahi (মাহী)
  • Mother's Younger Sister's husband — Mohadeu (মহাদেউ)

Nephews and Nieces[edit]

  • Brother's son (nephew) — Bhotija (ভতিজা)
  • Brother's daughter (niece) — Bhotiji (ভতিজী)
  • Sister's son (nephew) — Bhagin (ভাগিন)
  • Sister's daughter (niece) — Bhagini (ভাগিনী)


  • Mother-in-law — Xahu (শাহু) or Xahu-Aai (শাহুআই)
  • Father-in-law — Xohur (শহুৰ) or Xohur Deuta (শহুৰ দেউতা)
  • Elder Sister's Husband (brother-in-law) — Bhinideu (ভিনদেউ) or Bhini (ভিনী)
  • Younger Sister's Husband (brother-in-law) — Boiniyai (বৈনাই) or Bhoni Juwaai (ভনীজোঁৱাই)
  • Elder Brother's Wife (Sister-in-law) — Nobou (নবৌ) or Bou (বৌ)
  • Younger Brother's Wife (Sister-in-law) — Bhai Buwari (ভাই বোৱাৰী)
  • Husband's elder brother (brother-in-law) — Borjona (বৰজনা) or Jethal (জেঠাল)
  • Husband's younger brother (brother-in-law) — Dewor (দেওৰ)
  • Husband's brother's wife (sister-in-law) — Jaa (জা-জোৱালী)
  • Husband's elder sister (sister-in-law) — Je-xahu (জেশাহু) or Baaisao (বাইচাও)
  • Husband's younger sister (sister-in-law) — Nonod (ননদ) or Nonond (ননন্দ) or Nondek (নন্দেক)
  • Wife's elder brother (brother-in-law) — Jetheri (জেঠেৰি) or Borgiri (বৰগিৰী)
  • Wife's younger brother (brother-in-law) — Khulxali (খুলশালি)or saala (চালা)
  • Wife's elder sister (sister-in-law) — Je-xahu (জেশাহু) or Baaisao (বাইচাও)
  • Wife's younger sister (sister-in-law) — Khulxali (খুলশালী) or saali (চালী)
  • Wife's sister's husband (brother-in-law) — Xaalpoti (শাল-পতি)
  • Child's Father-in-law - Biyoi (বিয়ৈ)
  • Child's Mother-in-law - Biyoini (বিয়নী)

Ancestry and other terms[edit]

  • Family - Poriyal (পৰিয়াল)
  • Extended Family - Bongxo (বংশ)
  • Descendant - Bongxodhor (বংশধৰ)
  • Ancestor - Purbo-purukh (পূৰ্বপুৰুষ)


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