Learn Assamese/Assamese Sounds

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Assamese uses a variety of sounds. It has a rich collection of vowel sounds, however, consonant sounds are relatively less than other Indo-Aryan languages like Hindi etc.

Vowel Sounds[edit | edit source]

Front Central Back
IPA ROM Assamese script IPA ROM Script IPA ROM Script
Close i i ই/ঈ u u উ/ঊ
Near-close ʊ û
Close-mid e e এ' o o অ'
Open-mid ɛ ê ɔ ô
Open a a

Consonant Sounds[edit | edit source]

Labial Alveolar Velar Glottal
IPA ROM Script IPA ROM Script IPA ROM Script IPA ROM Script
Nasal m m n n ন/ণ ŋ ng ঙ/ং
Stop voiceless p p t t ত/ট k k
aspirated ph th থ/ঠ kh
voiced b b d d দ/ড ɡ g
murmured bh dh ধ/ঢ ɡʱ gh
Fricative voiceless s s চ/ছ x x শ/ষ/স ɦ h
voiced z z জ/ঝ/য
Approximant w w l, ɹ l, r ল, ৰ