Latin/Verb Synopsis

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Here The Verb Amo, Amare, Amavi, Amatus Is Conjugated In The Second Plural

Active Indicative

Amatis Amavistis Amabatis Amaveratis Amabitis Amaveritis

Passive Indicative

Amamini Amati Estis Amabamini Amati Eratis Amabimini Amati Eritis

Active Subjunctive

Ametis Amemini Amaretis Amaremini Amaveritis Amati Sitis Amavissetis Amati Essetis

Positive Imperative

Ama (Active singular) Amate (Active plural)

Amare (Passive singular) Amamini (Passive plural)

Negative Imperative

Noli Amare (Singular) Nolite Amare (Plural)


Amans (Present Active) Amatus (Perfect Passive) Amaturus (Future Active) Amandus (Future Passive)


Amare Amari Amavisse Amatus esse Amaturus esse Amatum iri


Amatum (To Show Purpose) Amatu (Used With Adj. Like An Infinitive)