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This reference is not nearly finished yet, but it will be soon (hopefully)!

Nouns[edit | edit source]

First Declension[edit | edit source]

puella, puellae Singular Plural
Nominative puella puellae
Genitive puellae puellārum
Dative puellae puellīs
Accusative puellam puellās
Vocative puella puellae
Ablative puellā puellīs

Second Declension[edit | edit source]

-us[edit | edit source]

nanus, nani Singular Plural
Nominative nanus nani
Genitive nani nanorum
Dative nano nanis
Accusative nanum nanos
Vocative nane nani
Ablative nano nanis

-er (as in puer)[edit | edit source]

puer, pueri Singular Plural
Nominative puer pueri
Genitive pueri puerorum
Dative puero pueris
Accusative puerum pueros
Vocative puer pueri
Ablative puero pueris

-er (as in ager)[edit | edit source]

ager, agri Singular Plural
Nominative ager agri
Genitive agri agrorum
Dative agro agris
Accusative agrum agros
Vocative ager agri
Ablative agro agris