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English abbreviations derived from Latin[edit | edit source]

Common English abbreviations from Latin.

Abbreviation Latin Meaning
A.D. anno dominī year of (our) lord
A.M. ante meridiem before noon
C(a). circa(annum) around(year) used in dates, as in c. 900
cf. confer compare
e.g. exemplī gratia for example
et al. et aliī and others
etc. et cetera and so on
Ibid. ibidem same place / source (in a footnote, when referring to the same source as the last footnote)
i.e. id est that is
P.M. post meridiem after noon
P.S. post scrīptum postscript
q.e.d quod erat dēmōnstrandum what was to be shown (Science)
q.v. quo vide which see (when referencing another article in an encyclopedia)
v. or vs. versus against


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