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The Thinkpad series of laptop computers were originally designed by IBM and are modelled upon a traditional Japanese lunchbox.

Thinkpad 235
Thinkpad 240
Thinkpad 300
Thinkpad 500
Thinkpad 600
Thinkpad 700
Thinkpad 800
Thinkpad Z60

Edge Series[edit]

L Series[edit]

R Series[edit]

Thinkpad R61

SL Series[edit]

T Series[edit]

Thinkpad T43
Thinkpad T61
Thinkpad T61p 14W
Thinkpad T61p 15W

W Series[edit]

Thinkpad W500
Thinkpad W510
Thinkpad W520
Thinkpad W700
Thinkpad W700DS
Thinkpad W701DS

X series[edit]

Thinkpad X1
Thinkpad X100e
Thinkpad X120e
Thinkpad X200
Thinkpad X200s
Thinkpad X300
Thinkpad X301
Thinkpad X60