Laboratory Safety/Handling

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  1. Always read labels on bottles before using them.
  2. Know MSDS for all known chemicals prior to use.
  3. When handling flammable, corrosive, fuming, or volatile chemicals, always use fume hood and close the sash.
  4. For a mercury spill, use the mercury collectors provided in the spill kit no matter how small the spill. Do not ever mix mercury with any other wastes.
  5. If refills are needed from the Stockroom (storage room), close the empty container, and rinse the outside of the container to remove any possible contamination. Carry the bottle in a secondary container in case of a spill.
  6. Always close bottles after using them and never put chemicals back into the bottles. Putting extras back into the bottles could contaminate the whole bottle. Ask neighbors if they need any extras and then throw away leftovers into the appropriate waste containers

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