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Getting help is nothing to be ashamed of, just be sure to do a bit of work yourself to relieve the load of your helpers. How to do that?
Prepare a minimal working example that reproduces your issue which will give helpers the perfect starting point for your problem. If you don't know how to prepare such a minimal example (also called MWE), just follow the link above.

Once you get a bit experienced, you will be able to solve problems on your own. :-)

Prominent places to ask are or TeX.Stackexchange.
There are places in many languages around the world, you might find a community answering your question in your mother tongue.

Why is a minimal working example (MWE) important?[edit | edit source]

A document is set up of many many little commands, which makes it complex. It is a bit like a stew recipe with many ingredients and different techniques of cutting the vegetables and cooking the meat. If there is a problem with a document, the reason can be chased down to just one or two ingredients, helpers don't need to see the whole recipe, it is yours.