LPI Linux Certification/LPIC1 Exam 102/Exercises results

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Topic 105: Kernel[edit]

1.105.1 Manage/Query kernel and kernel modules at runtime[edit]

1.105.2 Reconfigure, build, and install a custom kernel and kernel modules[edit]

Topic 106: Topic 106 Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels[edit]

1.106.1 Boot the system[edit]

1.106.2 Change runlevels and shutdown or reboot system[edit]

Topic 107: Printing[edit]

1.107.2 Manage printers and print queues[edit]

1.107.3 Print files[edit]

1.107.4 Install and configure local and remote printers[edit]

Topic 108: Documentation[edit]

1.108.1 Use and manage local system documentation[edit]

1.108.2 Find Linux documentation on the Internet[edit]

1.108.5 Notify users on system-related issues[edit]

Topic 109: Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling[edit]

1.109.1 Customize and use the shell environment[edit]

1.109.2 Customize or write simple scripts[edit]

Topic 111: Administrative Tasks[edit]

1.111.1 Manage users and group accounts and related system files[edit]

1.111.2 Tune the user environment and system environment variables[edit]

1.111.3 Configure and use system log files to meet administrative and security needs[edit]

1.111.4 Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs to run in the future[edit]

1.111.5 Maintain an effective data backup strategy[edit]

1.111.6 Maintain system time[edit]

Topic 112: Networking Fundamentals[edit]

1.112.1 Fundamentals of TCP/IP[edit]

1.112.3 TCP/IP configuration and troubleshooting[edit]

1.112.4 Configure Linux as a PPP client[edit]

Topic 113: Networking Services[edit]

1.113.1 Configure and manage inetd, xinetd, and related services[edit]

1.113.2 Operate and perform basic configuration of sendmail[edit]

1.113.3 Operate and perform basic configuration of Apache[edit]

1.113.4 Properly manage the NFS, smb, and nmb daemons[edit]

1.113.5 Setup and configure basic DNS services[edit]

1.113.7 Set up secure shell (OpenSSH)[edit]

Topic 114: Security[edit]

1.114.1 Perform security administration tasks[edit]

1.114.2 Setup host security[edit]

1.114.3 Setup user level security[edit]