LGBT Young Adult Literature/Introduction

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Introduction to Wikibook[edit]

Welcome to the LGBT Young Adult Literature wikibook! The goal of this wikibook is to introduce parents, children and teachers to concepts, themes and plots explored in LGBT YA Literature. It covers the History of LGBT YA novels, as well as the LGBT movement and the origin of YA Literature. It will also help analyze common themes of LGBT YA novels. Additionally, there will be summaries of important LGBT novels. The wikibook aims to keep its language simple so readers of all levels can enjoy it.

What is Young Adult Literature?[edit]

Young Adult Literature is a pretty new genre, and there are many ways to define it. The ALA (American Library Association) says YA Literature includes books written for people 12 to 18 years old [1].

Why is LGBT Young Adult Literature Important?[edit]

Until recently there have been few books written specifically for the LGBT community and especially few for the young LGBT community. The rights of the LGBT community are currently a hotly debated topic. LGBT youth have been the targets of physical and sexual harassment in schools across America.[2] LGBT Literature, particularly novels with realistic characters and positive outcomes, are important for the self-acceptance of LGBT youth.