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Power Functions (PF) are a LEGO Product that allows the user to motorize their design. Unlike the NXT (See LEGO Mindstorms), the Power functions range cannot be programmed and does not have any sensors. The Power Functions equipment includes:

Large Motor - A motor smaller than the Mindstorms Servo Motor, but equally as powerful.

Medium Motor - A motor slightly smaller and less powerful than the Large Motor

Battery Pack - Requires six AA batteries. Powers the Power Functions

IR Receiver - Picks up Infra-Red signals from the remote, has 4 channels

IR Transmitter Remote - Allows the user to control their model via Infra-Red. Has 4 channels

Sound Block - Acts like a Touch Sensor only plays a sound when triggered. Included with the LEGO CREATOR Dinosaur.

Lights - 2x LED lights connected together by a "y" shaped wire - gives your model lights ^^

Switch - enables forward/off/reverse control of a motor ^^

^^ = available in LEGO kit 8293 - supplementary motor kit