LEGO Design/Instructions

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Official Lego(c) instructions[edit | edit source]

Usually, you might start out with a LEGO set that comes in a box and includes basic pieces, special pieces, and stickers. In the box there is a set of instructions that details every aspect of the step by step building process. You are almost guaranteed to build something that is sleek, uniform, and closely representative of something. It is recommended that you begin with simple instructions before moving on to the more advanced instructions which are usually found in larger sets.

PAY ATTENTION! Most Lego instructions are designed as step-by-step pictures which illustrate your progress through the stages. To move on to the next stage you must identify the pieces that were added to the new picture since the last one, and add the corresponding pieces to your own model. Many times there are little changes which easily evade the eye, much of the time changes are not easily identified, and other times pieces can be misidentified causing confusion as progress continues. Always pay close attention to the development of the pictures so that you identify the small changes. Lego isn't as difficult as origami, but the lack of clear instructions can make it just as irritating.

Note that many times extra pieces are included in Lego packages, so if you find extras after you've completed the model there is no real reason to panic.

Fan instructions[edit | edit source]

The amazing invention of the internet has among many, many other things permitted the millions of Lego fans to come together and share their creative inventions with each other. Once you have mastered Official Lego models it is recommended that you check out different Lego fan sites where you can find thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of different models fitting almost every kind of budget. Most of these models do not have instructions, they are unique creations, but a search for "custom LEGO instructions" will find many that do.after doing it with the instructions try it without the instructions to get better.