LEGO Design/Glossary

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Axle - A LEGO Technic piece used to allow wheels and gears to spin freely, and to hold models together.

Beam - A LEGO Technic piece used to stabilize models and add structure. Has holes through the side.

Brick - A basic LEGO piece with studs on the top. They differ in size and color

Connector Peg - A LEGO Technic piece that can be used to connect beams and other elements with holes in them together.

Gear - A LEGO Technic piece used to transfer energy from motors etc to wheels.

Motor - A LEGO element that can be used to drive pieces like wheels and gears. Appear in Technic and Mindstorms LEGO sets

Plate - A LEGO piece that is 1/3 of the height of normal LEGO bricks

Sensor - A LEGO Mindstorms element used to detect sound, objects, light, touch etc.