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The same as: zhe[edit | edit source]

"zhe" means "to be as", "to be like", or "to be similar to". You can say that one thing is like another with two sentences put together with zhe, such as "the flower is beautiful - zhe - the mountain is beautiful"

Láadan English Literal Citation
Bíi melirihal babí zhe melirihul mahina wa. The birds are quite colorful like the flowers are very colorful. The birds, like the flowers, are very colorful. Amberwind's lesson 49 [1]

Just comparing[edit | edit source]

You can also compare different values by just giving different degree markers for each.

Láadan English Literal Citation
Bíi mehíthi yu, i mehíthihul mahina, izh mehíthihel mi wa. The fruit are high, and the flowers are very high, but the leaves are scarcely high. The flowers are higher than the fruit, but they are both much higher than the leaves. Amberwind's lesson 49 [2]

To surpass: hesho[edit | edit source]

[(Aux) Verb: "hesho" (Neg) CP–S]

To compare two things, such as in height or in beauty, we state it this way: ObjectA is tall, ObjectB is tall, ObjectA surpasses.

Láadan English Literal Citation
Bíi íthi yu wa. Íthi mi. Hesho mi. The leaf is higher than the fruit. The fruit is high. The leaf is high. The leaf surpasses. Amberwind's lesson 50 [3]
Bíi mehíya rul i zhub wa. Hesho zhub. The insect is smaller than a cat. A cat and the insect are small. The insect surpasses. Amberwind's lesson 50 [4]
Bíi melaya mi i mahina wi; báa hesho mahina? Is the flower redder than the leaf? The leaf and the flower are red (obviously); does the flower surpass? Amberwind's lesson 50 [5]
Bíi melaya mi i mahina wi; hesho bebáa? Which is redder, the flower or the leaf? The leaf and the flower are red (obviously); what surpasses? Amberwind's lesson 50 [6]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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