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The gloss is meant to help understand the structure of the Láadan.

Háawith i rul - The Child and the Cat[edit | edit source]

By Rachel J Morris

Láadan English Gloss
Bíide eril sholan háawith wo. The child was alone.
Eril elasholan rul. The cat was alone and glad of it.
Eril sháad háawith ruledi. The child went to the cat.
Eril sháad rul háawithede. The cat left the child.
Eril doth háawith ruleth. The child followed the cat.
Eril dudama háawith ruleth. The child tried to touch the cat.
Eril dashobe rul háawitheth. The cat bit the child.
Eril wée háawith. The child cried.
Eril áana rul. The cat slept.

Anadal Ruloth - The Cat's Meal[edit | edit source]

By Rachel J Morris

Láadan English Gloss
Bíide eril yide rul wo. The cat was hungry.
Eril sháad rul meladi. The cat went to the sea.
Eril redeb rul thilith. The cat found a fish.
Eril di thili, “Bóoya yod ra ne leth!” The fish said in fear, “Don’t eat me!”
Eril zhedi rul. The cat agreed.
Eril sháad rul heshehothedi. The cat went to the park.
Eril redeb rul babíth. The cat found a bird.
Eril di babí, “Bóoya yod ra ne leth!” The bird said in fear, “Don’t eat me!”
Eril zhedi rul. The cat agreed.
Eril sháad rul anawehedi. The cat went to the grocery store.
Eril eb rul thuzheth anawehede. The cat bought a cake from the store.
Eril yod rul thuzheth. The cat ate the cake.
Eril yide ra rul. The cat was not hungry.

Ohena - Respect for good reasons[edit | edit source]

By Rachel J Morris

Láadan English Gloss
Bíide habelid hibomid shéeth wo. The camel lives in the desert.
Habelid lemamid olineth. The deer lives in the forest.
Habelid thili melath. The fish lives in the sea.
Habelid shanemid hesheth. The rabbit lives in the grass.
Habelid elashemid yáanineth. The squirrel lives in the tree.
Thi habelid wohóohath. The camel has a view.
Thi lemamid wohóohath. The deer has a view.
Thi thili wohóohath. The fish has a view.
Thi shanemid wohóohath. The rabbit has a view.
Thi elashemid wohóohath. The squirrel has a view.
Wozhelith ra ben. They don't think the same,
izh, thi ben ohenath. but, they have respect for good reasons.
Shidi ben. They are together.
Rashidi ben. They are apart.
Bíidi wohoth wa. In teaching I say: lives are important.
Bóo ohena ne abesheth. I request that you respect all.

Limlim ruletho - The cat's bell[edit | edit source]

A translation of Aesop's "Belling the Cat"

By Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Láadan English Gloss
Bíide eril mehabelid edemid wo. Once, in the past, there were mice that lived in a house.
Íi Habelid rul. A cat also lived in the house (this is a made up story).
Mehéeya edemid ruleth. The mice feared the cat.
Methad ra mesháad edemid maradalede. The mice could not leave from the hole.
Mebithim edemid. The mice met.
Mime wohuná wohedemid, "Báa merumad len?" The leader mouse asked, "How can we hide?"
Melith i medi edemid, izh, thi rawith wothal wolith. The mice thought and talked, but, nobody had a good thought*.
Doól, di háahedemid, "Bíi thi le woradimil wowodal* wa." Finally, a mouse child said, "I have a simple idea*."
"Medush len dóhune rul limlimethehé**... "We have to make the cat wear a bell.
Bé aril methad meláad len ruleth láad oyunan." I promise that we will be able to hear the cat."
Melo edemid, izh, di wobalin wohedemid, The mice rejoiced, however, the old mouse said,
"Bíi thi wodal wa! Izh: Báa aril hal bebáa?" "It is a good idea*, but: Who will do the work?"
Bíi híya wodal, rahíya wilomina. Ideas* are small, to perform is big.
* wodal is a word I made up; there is no word for 'idea' as separate from 'thought' in the dictionary, so I combined wo- and dal.
** This is my attempt to embed a statement. I am not completely certain if it is correct.