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Láadan English Literal
Wil sha Hello Let there be harmony
Báa tháa ne? How are you? Are you good?
Aril Goodbye Later
Bíi didebedihá le wa. I am a beginner. I'm an early-learner.
Bíi le bodibodá wa. I am a programmer.
Bíi bedi le Láadan áabede wa. I learn Láadan from a book.
Bíi thi le zhath, X. My name is X. I have the name, X.

Basic Conversation[edit]

Láadan English Literal
Bíi en le wa. I understand.
Bíi en ra le wa. I don't understand.
Em Yes
Ra No
Lu Please
Áala Thank you
Oho You're welcome
Bíi an ra le wa. I don't know (a person)
Bíi lothel ra le wa. I don't know (a topic)

What are you doing?[edit]

Láadan English Literal
Báa shub le bebáath? What are you doing? You're doing what-thing?
Bíi ril hal le wa. I am working right now.
Bíi amedara be wa. S/he dances. She dances. (No specific time)
Bíi eril yod le wa. I ate earlier.
Bíi aril rúu le wa. I am going to lie down later.
Báa eril om ne? Did you teach?
Bíi eril yod le baleth wa. I ate bread.
Bíi eril di be Láadanenan wa. She spoke Láadan.
Bíi aril sháad le wehedi wa. I will go to the market.
Bíi eril ban le thuzheth bedi wa. I gave the cake to her.
Bíi eril bedi le Láadaneth áabede wa. I learned Láadan from a book.
Báa eril láad ne déelath oyinan? Did you see the garden? Did you perceive the garden with your eyes?

What is it?[edit]

Láadan English Literal
Bíi áya be wa. She is beautiful.
Bíi le with wa. I am a woman.
Bíi le withid wa. I am a man.
Bíi le eduthá wa. I am an engineer.
Bíi yide holanemid wi. The wolf is hungry. It is obvious to everyone, that the wolf is hungry.

What do you want?[edit]

Láadan English Literal Breakdown
Bíi néde le mahinath wa. I want the flower. want I flower-object.
Bíi néde wéedan le wa. I want to read. want to-read I.
Bíi ban shinehal thenath ledi wa. I like the computer. Computer gives me joy. to-give computer joy-object me-destination.

What do you perceive?[edit]

Láadan English Literal
Bíi láad le neth oyinan wa. I see you. I perceive you with my eyes.
Bíi láad le neth oyunan wa. I hear you. I perceive you with my ears.
Bíi láad le neth omanan wa. I feel you. I perceive you with my hands.
Bíi láad le hisheth oyanan wa. I feel snow. I perceive snow with my skin.
Bíi eril loláad with lasheth wá. The woman felt indifference.