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Kurdish is the language of the Kurds, an stateless iranic people in the Middle East who live in what is called Kurdistan. It is split among multiple dialects and among those, subdialects. It has some similarity to Persian with influences from arabic and turkish also. It is with the Persian languages are in the Indo - European languages family.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Alphabet and Phonetic[edit | edit source]

Kurdish Alphabets[edit | edit source]

harfler ses örnek
a /aː/ Bav
b /b/ Bûn
c /d͡ʒ/ Car
ç /t͡ʃ~t͡ʃʰ/ Çûn
d /d/ Dîn
e /ɛ~æ/ Dest
ê /eː/ Kêr
f /f/ Firîn
g /g/ Gol
h /h~ħ/ Hûn
i /ɪ~ɘ/ Dil
î /iː/ Îro
j /ʒ/ Jar
k /k~kʰ/ Kal
l /l/ Lal
m /m/ Mar
n /n/ Nar
o /oː/ Kon
p /p~pʰ/ Par
q /q/ Qam
r /ɾ~r/ Rêl
s /s/ Sol
ş /ʃ/ Şîr
t /t~tʰ/ Tehil
u /ʊ/ Kur
û /uː/ Şûr
v /v/ Vên
w /w/ War
x /x~ɣ/ Xanî
y /j/ Yar
z /z/ Zanî

Vowel[edit | edit source]

Consonant[edit | edit source]

'Syllable Structure'[edit | edit source]

II. BÖLÜM : MORFOLOJİ[edit | edit source]