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Chapter 3. How do I download files using BitTorrent?[edit | edit source]

Just like visiting a URL (e.g. kickass2.nz) to a web site and downloading a file, you will need a ".torrent file" (often referred to as a "torrent") to download content using BitTorrent. Most of the time, you will download torrent files from a web site, although you could also get the torrent from a friend or a CD. Many web sites offer torrents as an additional method of downloading files. For example, OpenOffice.org, a free office suite, can be downloaded using BitTorrent. Sites that offer torrent downloads are just repositories of torrents and usually do not actually create any of the content available. Once you have obtained the torrent file from wherever, you simply need to import it into your BitTorrent client. There are several ways of doing this with KTorrent.

Opening a New Torrent[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to open a torrent in KTorrent, depending on your computer's configuration. The following methods of opening a torrent file into KTorrent are listed— choose your preferred method.

  • Double-click the torrent file on the desktop (only works if .torrent files are associated with KTorrent), or…
  • Right-click the torrent file on the desktop, choose Open With, and select KTorrent in the list (if KTorrent is not listed, select Open with Other Application to locate where KTorrent is installed), or…
  • In KTorrent, click File, then Open… (or press CTRL+O) and locate the torrent file, or…
  • In KTorrent, click File, then Paste Torrent URL, paste the torrent URL into the text box and click OK.

Importing a Torrent With Existing Data (a partial download)[edit | edit source]

  • In KTorrent, click File, then Import Torrent. Fill in the Torrent: text box with the location of torrent file and fill the Data: text box with the location of the existing downloaded data.
  • Do it without the torrent importer and just open the torrent file in the folder of the partially downloaded data by any of the methods described in Opening a New Torrent. KTorrent will automatically recognize the existing downloaded data by file name and start rehashing the data to verify the data integrity.