Korean/Lesson I11

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Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
1급: Beginner1. Greetings2. Forming sentences3. Connective forms and negation4. Colors5. Recreation / In a taxi6. Family7. Around the house8. Using the telephone9. School10. Shopping11. Onomatopoeia
2단계: High beginner3단계: Low intermediate4단계: High intermediate5단계: Low advanced6단계: Advanced

Onomatopoeia 의성어 (擬聲語) ui seong eo are words used to imitate sounds.

  • 빵 (ppang) - Bang!
  • 아야 (a-ya) - Ouch!
  • 앗 (at) - Oops!
  • 음 (eum) - Um...
  • 냠냠 (nyam-nyam) - sound made when chewing food
  • 쾅 (kwang) - Crashing sound
  • 멍멍 (meong-meong) - Dog barking
  • 칙칙폭폭 (chik-chik-pok-pok) - train sound
  • 꿀꿀 (kkul-kkul) - Pig noise
  • 펄럭펄럭 (peol-leok-peol-leok)- flapping of cloth
  • 삐약삐약 (ppi-yak-ppi-yak) - chicks chirping
  • 야옹 (ya-ong) - meow of cat

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