Koine Greek/14

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14. Since a knowledge of the verb to be is necessary for formation of the most simple sentence, the conjugation of the verb to be, in the Indicative Mood, is given. (Breathings & accents need to be added)

Singular Plural
ειμί I am εσμέν We are
εί Thou art εστέ Ye are
εστί Subject is εισί(ν) They are
Singular Plural
ήν I was ήμεν We were
ήσθα Thou wast ήτε Ye were
ήν Subject was ήσαν, They were
Singular Plural
έσομαι I shall be εσόμεθα We shall be
έση Thou shalt be έσεσθε Ye shall be
έσται Subject shall be έσονται They Shall Be