KoBo Toolbox/Post Processing

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This chapter will deal with the post processing of data collected using the KoBoCollect Android app.

The first step is to aggregate all the individual XML output files (instances) from one or more devices. Using the KoBoSync java application (which is also available through the KoBoForm website) these results XML files can be aggregated in to a singel CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. CSV files can easily be imported in virtually all software used for data analysis, such as spreadsheets, R, or SPSS/PSPP.

In the part, we discuss how KoBoForm has the option to export the variable types and labels from the from to an SPSS/PSPP syntax file. Using SPSS or the free and open-source alternative PSPP, we can then use this syntax file to correctly encode and label the variables and data in SPSS/PSPP. From here it is possible to export the SPSS data file within which all variables are correctly encoded, this file can then also be imported in other statistical software such R.