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On the previous page we discussed how we could direct a users responses by defining a certain question type. For example, we can limit the responses to numbers by choosing the question type decimal or even to only whole numbers by using the question type integer. However, sometime is is necessary to limit the range of possible responses even further, for example, to only positive numbers, for this we use validation logic.

In our survey we now wish to ask the age of the pet. We know a number of things about age, firstly, it is generally given as an integer (or whole) number, we therefore add an Integer Question. Secondly, age cannot be negative, lastly, no pet lives forever, therefore we will set an upper limit of 100 years.

Add the Integer Question and change the text to

   How old is your pet?

Now click the Show Advanced Properties link underneath the question properties. Once the advanced properties appear, click the tab

   Validation Logic
The Validation Logic tab.

We can now add the conditions, click the link

   < Click here to add new condition >