Knowledge Management Cases in Asia/Knowledge Management in a Law Enforcement Unit/Research Methods

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With a view to get a better understanding of the knowledge management system in the Asia law Enforcement Unit, we conducted an interview to Mr. A, the former top official of the Unit, on the 20th of March, 2007. We mainly used qualitative approach to gather the information. A number of questions have been decided before the interview, with a set of follow up questions were asked in response to what Mr. A said. These questions were related to the tasks that we would engage in the following sections, and the interview lasted for about one hour long. We planned to separate the interview into two parts. The first half of the interview (around 15 minutes) was given to familiarize our group with the Unit, and the second half of the interview (the last 45 minutes) was given to understand the user needs of the key users, the KM strategies, tools as well as the communication plan of the Unit's knowledge management.