Knowledge Management Cases in Asia/Implementation of Knowledge Management in Asia's Beverage Industry/Research Methods

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Literature Reviews[edit | edit source]

To know more about the environment, KM behaviour in the industry, we have gathered journal opinions about KM in food and beverage industry. In addition, cases from different multinational companies are studied to see what problems they faced and how they solved them when applying KM projects.

Interviews[edit | edit source]

To gather information of Company B's KM project, we have conducted two interviews with Mr. Cheung, the consultant from Consultancy A, who is responsible for this project. Both interviews have lasted for an hour.

In the first interview, we obtained preliminary information of the background of Consultancy A and Company B. We also knew more about the environment and trend on applying KM in the industry.

In the second interview, we focus more on the KM project that will be implemented in Company B such as the details of the phases, the application of KM tools and strategies as well as change management.