Knowledge Management Cases in Asia/Implementation of Knowledge Management in Asia's Beverage Industry/Introduction

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This chapter will focus on knowledge management (KM) in beverage industry. In the literature review section, we provide an in-depth study on various organizations in the industry, and the KM tools and strategies employed by the organizations as well as the problems have been solved by employing such. In the last part of the review, we turn the focus on discussing the development trend of KM in the beverage industry.

In the core part of the chapter, we study a real case on KM. We have interviewed a consulting firm (Consultancy A) to collect information on one of their KM projects. In that KM project, Consultancy A works as a consultant and later a cooperator with one of the beverage companies (Company B) in Asia. Our study is focus on what KM tools and strategies are employed by the company, and how such can be used to improve its knowledge retention as well as the impacts may bring to the company.

Finally, through the literature review and the case study, we can see how the enhancement of KM concepts influences the organizations and their business. Moreover, the chapter also provides an important insight into the development trend of the industry.