Knowledge Management Cases in Asia/Implementation of Knowledge Management in Asia's Beverage Industry/Conclusions

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KM project is involved in technology, process, as well as people of the organisation. Even the perfect system is built up, without embedding it into working process and the support from the top management and all users, or vice versa, KM project can not be successful.

From the literature review section and the case study, we can see that KM tools and strategies can be various to be used to implement KM in beverage industry. The consideration is that if they are suitable to particular company's requirements. Therefore, fully understanding of the industry, company as well as the users are very important before designing KM project. Otherwise, it is unquestionably self-defeating action on implementing or promoting KM concept to staff, especially in Asia that sharing is not a common norm.

Even it is still facing plenty of obstacles like reluctant in culture changes or behaviour changes, there are many experts in Asia, who have already realised the situation in Asia, devoted to promote KM and gain trust from lots of top management. With their support and promotion, we believe that KM concept in Asia beverage industry, or even other industrty, can be widely accepted from the top management to all levels of staff.