Knowing Knoppix/Knoppix boot options

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knoppix lang=cn                     Specify language/keyboard (cn,de,da,es,fr,it,nl,pl,ru,sk,tr,tw or us)
knoppix alsa (or alsa=es1938)       Use ALSA sound driver (at your own risk)
knoppix desktop=fluxbox             Specify Window Manager (fluxbox,icewm,kde,larswm,twm,wmaker or xfce)
knoppix screen=1280x1024            Use specified Screen resolution for X
knoppix xvrefresh=60 (or vsync=60)  Use 60 Hz vertical refresh rate for X
knoppix xhrefresh=80 (or hsync=80)  Use 80 kHz horizontal refresh rate for X
knoppix xserver=XFree86             Use specified X-Server ( XFree86 or XF86_SVGA )
knoppix xmodule=ati                 Use specified XFree4-Module (ati,fbdev,i810,mga,nv,radeon,savage,s3 or svga)
knoppix 2                           Boot in runlevel 2 (Textmode)
knoppix floppyconfig                Run "" from a floppy
knoppix myconf=/dev/sda1            Run "" from a partition
knoppix myconf=scan (or config=scan) Try to find "" automatically
knoppix home=/dev/sda1/knoppix.img  Mount loopback file as /home/knoppix
knoppix home=scan                   Automatic search for knoppix homedir
knoppix no{apic,agp,apm,audio,ddc}  Skip parts of HW-detection (1)
knoppix no{firewire,pcmcia,scsi}    Skip parts of HW-detection (2)
knoppix no{swap,usb}                Skip parts of HW-detection (3)
failsafe                            Boot with (almost) no HW-detection
knoppix pci=irqmask=0x0e98          Try this, if PS/2 mouse doesn't work *)
knoppix pci=bios                    Workaround for bad PCI controllers
knoppix ide2=0x180 nopcmcia         Boot from PCMCIA-CD-Rom (some notebooks)
knoppix mem=128M                    Specify Memory size in MByte
knoppix dma                         Enable DMA for ALL IDE-Drives
knoppix noeject                     Do NOT eject CD after halt
knoppix noprompt                    Do NOT prompt to remove the CD
knoppix vga=normal                  No-framebuffer mode, but X
knoppix blind                       Start Braille-Terminal (no X)
knoppix brltty=type,port,table      Parameters for Braille device
knoppix wheelmouse                  Enable IMPS/2 protocol for wheelmice
knoppix nowheelmouse                Force plain PS/2 protocol for PS/2-mouse
fb1280x1024                         Use fixed framebuffer graphics (1)
fb1024x768                          Use fixed framebuffer graphics (2)
fb800x600                           Use fixed framebuffer graphics (3)
knoppix keyboard=us xkeyboard=us    Use different keyboard (text/X)
knoppix splash                      Boot with fancy background splashscreen
knoppix toram                       Copy CD to RAM and run from there
knoppix tohd=/dev/hda1              Copy CD to HD partition and run there
knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1            Boot from previously copied CD-Image
knoppix fromhd=/dev/sr0             Force booting from CD for fresh install in case of present Flash-installation on HD
knoppix testcd                      Check CD data integrity and md5sums
expert                              Interactive setup for experts