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Kirby Super Star/The Great Cave Offensive/Treasure locations

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A screenshot showing a complete list of treasures in The Great Cave Offensive

This is a list of all obtainable treasures in The Great Cave Offensive portion of Kirby Super Star. There are 60 treasures in all, each with its own value in "G". Background and cameo information follows each item when it is available.

Treasures[edit | edit source]

Gold Medal
Value - 10000G
Gold Coin
Value - 1000G The oval coin seen on the item screen is a Koban, an ancient Japanese gold coin.
Value - 6800G
Crystal Ball
Value - 200000G
Lucky Cat
Value - 5000G The white cat seen on the item screen is a common Japanese lucky charm, the Maneki Neko.
Seiryu Sword
Value - 142000G
Screw Ball
Value - 80000G The Screw Ball is a power-up item in the Metroid games that allows Samus to perform a jumping attack.
Echigo Candy
Value - 8000G
Zebra Mask
Value - 278000G
Star Stone
Value - 82100G
Beast's Fang
Value - 7300G
Value - 1990G
Value - 250000G
Value - 10G An American dime.
Glass Slippers
Value - 120000G
Value - 800G
Value - 10G
Brass Knuckle
Value - 20000G A brass knuckle, which is a hand-to-hand combat weapon.
Amber Rose
Value - 22100G
Fish Fossil
Value - 8250G
Beast Fossil
Value - 24220G
Value - 55480G A nunchaku
Value - 200G This bucket is from the Super Famicom game Mario and Wario, which was only released in Japan.
Value - 250000G
100 dollar coin
Value - 10000G
Ancient Gem
Value - 68000G
Falcon Helmet
Value - 41000G The helmet of Captain Falcon, the main protagonist of the F-Zero games.
Value - 30G
Truth Mirror
Value - 500000G
Star Tiara
Value - 408200G
Turtle Shell
Value - 800G The shell seen on the item screen is the shell of a green Koopa Troopa, a recurring enemy in the Mario games.
Value - 320000G Also known as Falchion Sword owned by the Fire Emblem character Marth.
Warrior Shield
Value - 50000G
Unicorn's Horn
Value - 80300G The horn of a unicorn, a type of mythical creature.
Value - 250000G
Rice Bowl
Value - 50G
Tut's Mask
Value - 160000G The mask of Tutankhamun's Mummy.
Mr. Saturn
Value - 120000G A member of a friendly species of beings named Mr. Saturn from the EarthBound series of video games.
Value - 212000G
Treasure Box
Value - 100000G
Value - 3000G
Gold Crown
Value - 528000G
King's Cape
Value - 508000G
Model Ship
Value - 800000G
Sun Ring
Value - 800000G
Value - 250000G
Value - 990000G A Japanese edged weapon, the Katana is the most valuable item in the Great Cave.
Value - 8000G The necklace seen on the item screen holds an Ankh.
Xmas Tree
Value - 40000G A Christmas tree
Kong's Barrel
Value - 1500G A barrel belonging to Donkey Kong, the main and titular character of the Donkey Kong series of video games.
Ramia's scale
Value - 12800G The scale of a mythical creature.
Shiny Bamboo
Value - 600000G
Value - 1100G
Spirit Charm
Value - 78500G
Pegasus Wing
Value - 42800G The wing of the mythical horse, Pegasus. One of the three important treasures in Kid Icarus.
Raccoon Doll
Value - 8150G
Shell Whistle
Value - 82000G
Value - 512000G Orichalcum is a legendary metal commonly associated with stories of Atlantis.
Platinum Ring
Value - 40000G
Value - 800000G The Triforce is one of the most powerful and well-known artifacts in The Legend of Zelda series. It is the last of the 60 Great Cave treasures.