Kirby Super Star/Abilities

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One of Kirby's moves is eating. That's right. He can eat his enemies. And, not only can he spit them out as projectiles, he can also consume them, causing him to gain their abilities, at the cost of losing the ability to eat more enemies. Even more, you can create a "helper" from your ability, and if you have 2 controllers, play Co-Op!

Ability Name Helper Name Power Explanation + Combos
Beam Waddle Dee Y: Beam
DASH + Y: Cycle Beam
DASH + B while flying: Beam Machine Gun
-> + Y near enemy: Capture Beam
Hold Y: Wave beam

Reverse directions if facing left.
Bomb Poppy Bros. Jr. Y: Hold up a bomb.
Y holding bomb: Throw held bomb.
Y near enemy: Set a bomb.
\/ + Y: Drop a bomb.
DASH + Y: Straight throw.

Bomb angle while throwing depends on how long you hold down Y.
If you hold a bomb too long, it will blow up and hurt you.
You hold up a bomb automatically when you get the ability.
Crash Crash (unnamed) Blow all the enemies awaywith one HUGE explosion. It's a one time chance, so use it wisely.

Y: Crash ability "Crash fire ball"
*Kill all enemies around you.
*One time use
Cutter Sir Kibbles The Cutter can cut anything in its path. Use it to cut down enemies, as well as ropes that get in your way.

Y: Cutter boomerang
Dash + Y: Cutter dash attack
Y repeatedly (in the air): Cutter drop attack
\/ + Y (in the air): High speed cutter drop
Y repeatedly(near enemy): Nonstop cutter attack
Fighter Knuckle Joe Y: Vulcan Jab/Smash Punch
DASH + Y: Leg Sweep/Spin Kick
Y in the air: Down Kick/Double Kick
^ + Y: Rising Break
-> + Y: Grab enemy
Y when grabbing enemy: Arm Throw
<- + Y when grabbing enemy: Tomoe Throw. (Kirby only)

Reverse directions if facing left.
Attack strength depends on how long you hold Y.
Ice Chilly Turn Kirby into the ice man and turn the enemies into frozen blocks of ice. Don't slip!

Y: Freezer breath
Dash + Y or Y repeatedly: Freezer blizzard
Y (in the air): Freezer sprinkle
-> + Y (near enemy): Freezer suction
Freezer suction + Y: Freezer ejection
Touching ice: Ice Kick
Sword Blade Knight Y: Chop (even in the air!)
Y when health is full: Chop + Beam
Y repedeatly: Multi-Sword Attack
DASH + Y: Sword Stab
\/ + Y in the air: Down air stab