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Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

The start of every course is always the stating of prerequisites. To start off this book requires a firm understanding of the following:

- Algebra

  Methods for solving equations are required to be known, as well as the manipulation of equations.

- Geometry and Trigonometry

  Geometric and Trigonometric properties are required to be known in order for some problems to be modeled.

- Calculus

  A firm understanding of what derivatives and antiderivatives are is an integral requirement for this book.

- Vector Algebra/Calculus

  Vectors, what they are, and how they are modeled based on given information is required to be known.

All of the above required for this book will be covered in Chapter 0, a review chapter highlighting the mathematics required for this book.

If you are fairly confident that you already know all of the prerequisites, please take the mathematics review test at the end of Chapter 0.

If you score 80% or higher, go ahead to Chapter 1 and begin your studies.