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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Eeschema is powerful schematic capture software, available under the following operating systems :

  • Linux
  • Windows

Whatever the system used, the generated files are completely compatible from one system to another.

Eeschema is “integrated” software because all of the functions of drawing, control, layout, library management and access to the PCB design software are carried out from within Eeschema.

It also allows hierarchical drawings, using multi-sheet diagrams .

It is intended to work with printed circuit software such as PCBNEW, to which it will provide the Netlist file, which describes the electrical connections of the PCB to design.

Eeschema also integrates a component editor which allows the creation, editing, and visualization of components, as well as the handling of the symbol libraries (Import, export, addition and deletion of library components).

Eeschema also provides the following additional but essential functions needed for modern schematic capture software :

  • Design rules check (D.R.C.) for the automatic control of incorrect connections, the inputs of components left unconnected…
  • Export of the layout files to POSTSCRIPT or HPGL format
  • Printing the layout files on a local printer.
  • Bill of Materials generation.
  • Netlist generation for PCB layout or simulation software.

Technical overview[edit | edit source]

This software is limited only by the memory size available.

There is thus no real limitation to the component count, number of component pins, connections, sheets…

Eeschema allows simple or multi sheet diagrams.

In the case of multi sheet diagrams, the representation is hierarchical, and the access to each sheet is then immediate.

Eeschema use cases for multi sheet diagrams:

Simple hierarchies ( each diagram is used only once)

Complex hierarchies ( some diagram is used more than once (multiple instances) )

Flat hierarchies ( some diagrams not explicitly connected in a master diagram)

The maximum size of the drawings is always adjustable from A4 format to A0 and from A to E format.