Khepera III Toolbox/The Toolbox/Modules

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The Modules folder contains code libraries with functionality useful in many programs. These modules are used by the programs in the Programs folder, and can also be used in your own programs that you write for the Khepera III robot.

Module List[edit | edit source]

  • commandline: A simple command line parser.
  • i2cal: An easy-to-use interface for I2C communication.
  • i2c stream: An interface for I2C data streaming.
  • khepera3: Functions to access the sensors and actuators of the Khepera III robot. This module requires the i2cal module.
  • measurement: A general interface for all programs reporting sensor values.
  • nmea: A NMEA parser.
  • odometry track: Tracks the robot position (x, y, angle) by measuring the wheel rotation. This module requires the khepera3 module.
  • odometry goto: Drives the robot to a specific position (x, y). This module requires the odometry_track module.