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When you have finished editing, you can render your project via the Render->Export Timeline menu. This brings up a dialog, which allows you to choose your export format, export options, and filename to save as.

Export Profiles[edit | edit source]

When you click the File->Export Timeline menu item, a dialog will show you a list of possible formats and parameters which you can choose for the video file to be created. The items on this list are the export profiles. The stock profiles offered by Kdenlive are some of the most common ones, but you can create a profile of your own if you need a video with special properties, such as a certain screen size or video codec tag.

Be aware that this process can take a very long time (perhaps a few hours for a full DVD image of 4 GB)

Creating your own export profiles[edit | edit source]

MLT libavcodec parameters list[edit | edit source]

Exporting to a video file[edit | edit source]

  1. Create your project
  2. Add a video clip
  3. Add the video clip to the video track - edit, add transitions ...
  4. Click on RENDER button. A new window pop up (Rendering).
Select Destination: File Rendering
Output File Name: give a name
Format: select what kind of video format you need (NTSC, HD...)

then hit "Render to file" button located at left bottom corner of the current window.

Will open the "Job Queue" tab where you can see the progress.
When is finished click on "Close".

Exporting to DVD[edit | edit source]

The DVD wizard offered by Kdenlive allows you to automatically create VOB files which can be recorded to a DVD, along with the chapters definition and a simple menu.

Be aware that this process can take a very long time (perhaps a few hours for a full DVD image of 4 GB)

Exporting to a DV device[edit | edit source]