Kapampangan/Numbers To Twenty

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Part A: Description[edit | edit source]

Kampampangan numbers 1-20

Part B: Application[edit | edit source]

métung one (when designating one thing: I have one car)
adwá two
atlú three
ápat four
limá five
ánam six
píto seven
walú eight
siyám nine
apúlu ten
labíng métung eleven
labíng adwá twelve
labíng atlú thirteen
labíng ápat fourteen
labíng limá fifteen
labíng ánam sixteen
labíng píto seventeen
labíng walú eighteen
labíng siyám nineteen
adwáng púlu or bénti (Span.) twenty

Part C: Exercises[edit | edit source]

Ganito. Magbilang tayo mula metung hanggang apulu

Part D: Summary[edit | edit source]

You now know how to count up to twenty. Also you have learned the following new words and phrases:

Kap. word 1 Eng. trans 1
word 2 trans 2