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Part A: Description[edit | edit source]

The days of the week were all imported from Spanish. However some consonants did not exist in Kapampangan, and the closest equivalent consonant is used as it is always the case in such situations.

Lúnes Span. Monday
Mártes Span. Tuesday
Miérkules Span. Wednesday
Huébes Span. Thursday
Biérnes Span. Friday
Sabádo Span. Saturday
Domíngo Span. Sunday

These should be easy to remember if you have studied Spanish.

About this sound Listen to the days of the week.

Part B: Application[edit | edit source]

First of all, learn the whole list of days by heart. Make sure you can recite them to yourself, without looking at this page.

Here are a few sentences using the days in Kapampangan. You can see how the article or the plural is used, depending on the context.




The rule for using the article or not are...

Plurals are not / are appropriate for days ...

Part C: Exercises[edit | edit source]

Translate the following English sentences in Kapampangan.

She will visit us on Sunday.

Friday was a sunny day.

Shall we picnic on Saturday afternoon?

See you next Friday.

I hate Mondays.


Part D: Summary[edit | edit source]

You now know how to use all the days of the week in Kapampangan. Also you have learned the following new words and phrases:

Kap. word 1 Eng. trans 1
word 2 trans 2

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